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High School Academic Eligibility:
Academic Eligibility Policy Implementation Target: 2019-2020 
Students who receive one or more failing grades at the end of a quarter will be ineligible to compete for two games or two weeks, whichever is greater. Grades will be taken from the quarter immediately preceding the beginning of the sport.  
At midterm, students previously having one or more failing grades will be checked again. If they continue to have a failing grade, a coach’s assigned study table may be enforced.  
The Academic Policy is enforced two weeks or two events whichever is longer, from the first activity event that is missed. Athletes will continue to be eligible to participate in practices. 
The policy will be enforced within two working days of the posting of grades. In these two days, the student/athlete, parents and coach/director will be notified.

Middle School Academic Eligibility:
The expectation of Stewartville Middle School is that academics are a priority and achievement must meet a certain level to be eligible to participate. All students participating in athletics must maintain a 1.67 (C- average) and not receive an "F" in any class. If a 1.67 GPA is not attained or a student receives an "F" in any course, the student will immediately be placed on athletic probation.

Requirements of Athletic Probation:
The individual student placed on probation must set an appointment to meet with the middle school counselor to prepare an academic action plan for improvement. The action plan must clearly state the efforts the individual will take to improve their GPA. The student may participate in practices and contests until the next grading period (mid-quarter or end of quarter). If a 1.67 GPA (and no F's) has not been attained, the student will immediately enter into athletic suspension.

Athletic Suspension:
When a student is on athletic suspension, they may participate in practices, but may not participate in contests/events until the end of the next grading period (mid-quarter or end of quarter).

An athlete may ride home with a parent/guardian after a game, meet, or event if the coach's policy allows this. The parent/guardian MUST sign a sheet from the coach that states they will be taking the child with them.

At NO TIME can an athlete ride home with any other persons, such as another parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc.